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Experience serving in your area

about usIn an era of “side hustles” and “gigs,” fly-by-night heating oil discounters come and go. They come dangling cheap oil (in quality as well as price) like a shiny bauble to lure in customers. Unfortunately, when they go, they leave our friends and neighbors in the lurch and in a jam if their heating oil is running low.

That’s what makes Resnick Energy stand out. We’ve been meeting the heating oil, kerosene and commercial fuel needs in Sullivan, Eastern Ulster, and Northern Orange Counties for more than 20 years. We have built a reputation for affordable quality heating oil as well as outstanding service.

Resnick Energy goes above and beyond. Here’s what makes us worth your business:

  • same-day and next-day heating oil delivery
  • automatic heating oil delivery with benefits like a 5-cents per-gallon discount
  • transparent and fair pricing with no fuel surcharges or regulatory fees added
  • no fees—whether you pay by cash, check or credit card, you pay the same price
  • pricing and payment options, such as a price cap and budget plan
  • the largest provider in the area and can handle any size delivery
  • 24-hour emergency heating oil delivery for anyone, regardless of whether or not you’re a Resnick Energy customer
  • Resnick Bonus Discounts page including, special discounts for veterans and seniors, our propane customers and local restaurants

Resnick Energy will go the extra mile for our customers in Sullivan, Eastern Ulster, and Northern Orange Counties. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and become a customer!