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How heating oil prices are determined?

oil price marketIf you buy heating oil at the current market price (as opposed to pre-buying it at a fixed price in the offseason), you have probably noticed that the cost of the fuel can vary. But why does this happen?

It happens mostly because the price of home heating oil tracks with the cost of crude oil, which is a commodity that is subject to global market forces that drive its value up or down. The cost of crude oil accounts typically accounts for almost three-quarters of the cost of home heating oil.

The other quarter of that price is determined by several factors, including:

With so many variables in play, heating oil prices in Sullivan, eastern Ulster, and northern Orange counties and elsewhere in the U.S. can be nearly impossible to predict. But rest assured: when you order your heating oil from Resnick Energy, you’ll be getting it at a price that competes with or betters anyone in our service area.

Heating oil prices may be unpredictable, but the top-quality service you get when you become a Resnick Energy customer never will be. Contact us today to learn more!