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Propane Delivery in Sullivan, Eastern Ulster, and Northern Orange Counties

Need propane? Rez-Bear is your go-to propane delivery company!

propanePropane offers many benefits to homes and businesses all around Sullivan, Eastern Ulster, and Northern Orange Counties.

It’s an incredibly versatile fuel source. In your home, propane is used for heating systems, water heaters, ranges, cooktops, ovens, pool and spa heaters, emergency generators and more!

And it is a workhorse for local businesses. Propane in commercial kitchens lets restaurants, caterers and other food-service businesses produce high-quality food at a high volume. Propane can run commercial machinery and fleet vehicles.

Rez-Bear is the area’s most reliable propane delivery service.

Why propane?

There are so many advantages propane offers for your home or business. We’ll give you eight to start:

  1. Propane goes anywhere. Do you live in a remote area, or a neighborhood without natural gas lines? Propane allows you to have a gas stove, propane water heaters and heating systems, propane emergency generators and more no matter where in our area you live. When the power’s out, you can keep your home warm and run many of your appliances. And your propane generator can keep the lights on, run the refrigerator and charge your phones.
  2. Propane is energy efficient. Appliances and equipment that run on propane use much less energy than those run on electricity.
  3. Propane saves you money. When it comes to heating your home or heating your water, propane is the most efficient fuel. That means you save money on energy bills.
  4. Propane is clean and green. Lighten your carbon footprint with propane, because it burns much more cleanly, produces almost zero greenhouse gas emissions and won’t damage the environment in the event of a leak.
  5. Propane is safe. Between the propane industry being highly regulated and the strong safety standards and safeguards of propane appliances, propane has a very strong safety record.
  6. Propane is powerful. Since propane burns very hot, it uses less BTU capacity than other types of fuel to run appliances.
  7. Propane is made in the USA. All of the propane Rez-Bear delivers to homes and businesses in the area is produced in America. Also, just about all the propane used in the U.S. is produced domestically.

Why Rez-Bear is right for you

Contact Us Today! logoRez-Bear gives you peace of mind with prompt and professional propane delivery. And we make getting your propane easier on your wallet with services like payment plans and automatic delivery.

Contact Rez-Bear today at 845-791-4GAS and find out about all we can do for you!